DC Hopes to Keep Milking Recent Success with New 52 Based Video Games

The New 52 initiative has been a big success for DC. Not necessarily creatively, since the ratio of good books over at DC has actually gone down post-relaunch, but it has been a sales success, with DC outselling Marvel for several months in a row. The last time that happened was, I dunno, sometime before Spiderman was created?

Anyways, it appears as if DC is looking to transfer The New 52’s success to the world of video games. Warner Bros. has opened a new video game studio in Canada and apparently the head of the studio has been talking with Jim Lee and Geoff Johns about New 52 game possibilities.

Which New 52 titles might make it into video game form? Let’s do some speculating. First off you can eliminate any comics that are going to be cancelled within six issues, so sorry connoisseurs of giant cartoon knockers, Red Hood and the Outlaws and Voodoo are probably out. Nothing too artsy either, so Batwoman, Animal Man, Swamp Thing and most of the other New 52 titles that are actually good are also out.

So, there will probably be a Justice League game, a Superman in jeans game, maybe a Wonder Woman game, and since Geoff Johns inexplicably has a giant boner for the character, possibly a damn Aquaman game.

via Bleeding Cool