‘Dead Rising’ Gets Arguably The Ideal Director

You might know the name Zach Lipofsky if you watched the reality show On The Lot, use professional filmmaking apps, or follow the nascent film career of Hornswoggle. That last part about directing Leprechaun: Origins makes him the perfect director for Dead Rising.

Honestly, putting Lipovsky in the director’s chair is more or less the first time the Dead Rising movie has sounded actually promising. Here’s what SlashFilm has to say about it:

The 90-minute digital feature film will premiere exclusively on Crackle in the US and will be distributed internationally in both episodic and feature format by Content Media Corp. Dead Rising will also be released on SVOD, DVD, VOD and TV after its run on Crackle.

The good news is that Lipovsky knows his way around getting decent effects for the money he has, and playing campy precisely right. Here’s a trailer for the SyFy movie he directed, Tasmanian Devils:

Sadly, we don’t think Danica McKellar will be in Dead Rising, but hey, we can hope, right?