The World’s Worst Delivery Man Will Hit Your Car, Not Once, But Twice

This video of an incompetent delivery man is notable for several reasons: We’ve got an Amazon/Ontrac van reversing into a cul-de-sac for some strange reason. The delivery guy arrives at his destination and backs into a minivan in front of his goal residence. Then, he pulls away from the car, slams his van into reverse, and hits the minivan a second time. This time, the impact is much harder.

What was he thinking? Did he hit the van again because the first time didn’t count?

The delivery man appears startled that something is amiss. He hops out of the van to see what happened, and boy, is he surprised! But the delivery man decides he can work this out. He pulls away (again) from the minivan like nothing happened. He swiftly drops the package at the intended address (although he may have messed that up, too). He glances backwards at the minivan like a guilty child, and then drives away. Surveillance cameras save the day again.

(via Reddit)