Feast Your Eyes On The Most Diabolically Wrapped Xmas Present On The Planet

locked box

Why play Santa at Christmas when you can tear someone’s soul apart with something right out of the Saw playbook?

One sadist is proudly displaying the nightmarish wrap job they’ve done on their 15-year-old brother’s gift. Imgur user ICantSpellF*ckOff (we *-ed the name cuz decency) bought their sibling some small items for their phone, but trapped them inside a bundling job resembling a nesting doll from hell. The small thin prizes were tucked inside a DVD case, imprisoned in zip ties, sealed with Gorilla Tape and that’s just the start of this yuletide seasonal screwjob.

Even with the chains, lock and Super Glue, it’s the cruel deployment of glitter that ranks as the coldest touch of all.

Scroll through pictures below. They tell the entire diabolical story:

[protected-iframe id=”f7fda237a5a420b5a15fb817ebb5c3ee-60970621-16071739″ info=”//” class=”imgur-embed-pub”]

Commenters on Imgur have alternated between amusement, criticism and BLIND RAGE at the wrapper’s offering. (Well, when they’re not expressing fascination with the rogue toenail that made it into photo collection.) For every “Good work Satan,” there’s an irritated “All that just for a 10$ google card and a 16gb memory card. Thats bullsh*t.” A good chunk of those chiming in said that if they were the brother they wouldn’t bother getting past obstacle one.

What do you think UPROXX jurors? Is the wrapper a cruel genius or simply a first-rate monster? The comment section awaits your verdict.