Were Maryland Theatergoers Forced To Watch ‘The Butler’ In Front Of Armed Guards?

It’s a situation that will soon inspire a million hacky late-night jokes: “I know I said Lee Daniels’ The Butler was as pleasurable as a hole in the head, but this is ridiculous.” Tiffany, who tweets as @MsFlowersTweets, went to see The Butler last night in Silver Springs, Maryland. Upon arriving at the Regal Cinemas theater, she and everyone else in the nearly all-back audience were allegedly greeted by armed guards watching them as they watched Oprah.

Oh boy. Here’s the full string of tweets.

She then contacted the theater:

A lot of questions still need to be answered (I’m curious if it was a single officer inside the theater, or multiple armed guards? According to another Twitter user, “the last armed showing was Batman–last year according to ticket taker…called to express anger at guards!” — the only thing The Dark Knight Rises and The Butler have in common are Alfred), but it’s still an incredibly unfortunate situation. Looks like it’s time for Oprah to visit Silver Springs, Maryland, and smack some sense into Regal. With a handbag, naturally.

To keep up with the story, follow Tiffany’s account here.