Did YouTube Comedian Kain Carter Steal Jokes From The Great Patrice O’Neal?

Comedian Kain Carter has nearly 90,000 followers on Twitter, but most of his online presence comes via his YouTube page, where he’s racked up over 95 million views…by allegedly stealing bits from the late, great Patrice O’Neal. And by allegedly, I mean: Carter done f*cked up royally. According to the Root:

People on Twitter caught wind of Carter’s fraud via this YouTube video making the rounds on social media. (Note: Contains explicit language.) The video contains audio and video clips of Patrice O’Neal’s work played immediately before some of Carter’s videos, which often contain O’Neal’s routines word for word. (Via)

Here’s the video.

Using the sideways handheld camera he’s so fond of (the scenes filmed in bathrooms are a personal favorite and a perfect metaphor), Carter explained that he wasn’t stealing from O’Neal; he was acting “as a vessel that [Patrice] speaks through,” to “keep the material alive.” O’Neal’s partner, Vondecarlo Brown, didn’t see it that way, and she’s been retweeting comments such as, “To anyone stealing Patrice’s material to ‘honor him’; If you want to honor Patrice, direct people to his CDs and DVDs so his family gets $.” The most damning confession, however, is that Carter had never heard of O’Neal until two weeks before he died, which is a bit like a rookie NFL quarterback not knowing who Peyton Manning is. That’s as wrong as Carter going by HotDamnIRock on Twitter.

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