Some Dine-And-Dashers In Winnipeg Forgot Their Daughter Inside The Restaurant

06.09.16 3 years ago
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Dining and dashing, for those who have ever attempted the incredibly rude and uncool feat, is a tricky thing. The entire meal, you have to pretend that you are capable adults who actually have enough money to afford everything you are ordering. It’s a delicate balance between “order everything off the menu like a crazy person” and “act natural so that you can pull off the dash piece of things.” Plus, you have to lack the innate morals that usually prevent polite members of society from skipping out on the bill.

A couple in Winnipeg tried to dine and dash, and they accomplished none of that balance or deftness in their attempt. In fact, they failed so miserably that when they did the darn thing and ran out on their $135.00 restaurant bill they forgot their 10-year old daughter behind. That’s like not remember you set your purse on the top of your car before getting on the highway except for one thousand times worse than that. Luckily, the restaurant called the police to come get her instead of putting the girl in indentured servitude washing dishes in exchange for her parents’ outstanding bill. Which, all things considered, is decent of them.

The police picked up the offending parties nearby and charged them with Food by Fraud (which we didn’t even know was something you could be charged with) and put the child in protective services. You’ll be shocked – shocked! – to hear that the cops concluded there was alcohol involved in the incident. Because nothing is more of a lock than alcohol being involved in a child being left behind in a random restaurant. We assume $120 of the $135 bill consisted of fruity beverages and shots. The rest was a surcharge for extra bed baskets. May this couple have better luck getting their lives together than they did leaving a restaurant without paying the bill.

(via CTV News Winnipeg)

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