Planning A Move To Canada? Let Us Help You Pick The Perfect Airbnb For Your Scouting Trip

These days, Canada is looking like a pretty sweet place to relocate to. Sure, there are the usual election-year threats of moving to Canada, especially now that He of the Tiny Hands has beat out all the other Republican nominees. But there’s also their PM, which… have you seen him? And more importantly, have you heard him speak? If Maple Match delivers on its promise, you should be apartment hunting with your new Canadian boo in just a few short months.

Which is where these Airbnb rentals come in. If you’re going on a scouting trip up north anyway, why not stay there in style? With this in mind, we’ve pulled together some of the greatest listings Canada has to offer. These are all perfect spots to relax in after a busy day of job hunting and figuring out how exactly bagged milk works. So grab some poutine, pour yourself a finger of rye, and kick back while we show you what’s what:


Best Spot For Recovering Beach Bums

This Vancouver rental is the perfect mix of waterfront views outside and comfort inside. For just $199/night, you’ll get a home that’s close to everything on the so-hot-right-now North Shore and can accommodate up to four.


Best Spot For Scouting The Paris Of The Great White North

This 750 square-foot loft is located on Montreal’s Le Plateau, on Saint-Laurent. And at just $92/night, with no fee for extra guests, it’s a reminder that things are cheaper up north. Spend your days practicing French and working on your artwork at a nearby cafe. It’s just like you’re in Paris, only with more English and poutine.


Best Spot For Pretending You’re Spending A Night In A Museum

This Montreal listing calls itself a “vintage hunting lodge,” and feels like a cross between a Museum of Natural History and an antique store. Not a bad thing, if you’re the type of person who will happily knock back a whiskey while reminiscing about the old days with your Hemingway book club. Accommodating four with a starting fee of $83/night, all of your old hunting buddies will be able to stay in the lodge. Maybe you can brainstorm that artisanal taxidermy business you’ve always wanted to launch.


Best Spot For The Person With Etsy Flea Market Aspirations

If you’re going to relocate to Canada, you’ll need to find a means of supporting yourself. And what better way than being That Person who has a curated Etsy shop full of craftily-photographed flea market and thrift shop goods? While you go on a scouting trip to Toronto, make sure you stay in this home. Priced at $394/night, with the first four additional guests staying for free, you’ll glean a lot of inspiration from a place that claims to be a “newly renovated mix of modern and vintage flea market finds.”


Best Spot For The Punster with Loft-y Goals

You’ve always dreamed of starting a comedy troupe that focuses specifically on improv pun wars, so why not scout out a spot for that lofty dream from an actual brick-and-mortar loft apartment? All dad humor aside, the spot is super nice, and can house up to six at just $160/night.


Best Spot For Your Justin Trudeau Fantasies To Come True

If you’ve always dreamed of bumping into Canada’s curly-haired, feminist PM at a local coffee shop, this is the spot to stay. Located just across the canal from the Trudeau family’s residence, the apartment will only cost you and a similarly-devoted guest $60/night to rent out (WOW, CANADA IS AFFORDABLE). Bring your binoculars for spying across the neighborhood—the rental is on the top floor of this historic walkup.

Best Spot To Find Your Zen In The Land Of ‘Sorry’

This listing is blissed out. Not only is it located in apologetic, polite Canada (practically on the shores of the Huron), it also has its own Zenlike, free-spirit vibe to boot. If you’re a nature lover who can think of no better morning routine than yoga among the wildflowers, this is the listing for you. $147/night will get you one step closer to finding your personal nirvana.

Best Spot For The Person Whose Motto Is ‘Go Big Or Go Home’

If you’re someone who really wants to commit to your move to Canada, then Whitehorse is the spot for you. Located all the way up in the Yukon Territory, the population hovers around 23,000 and the weather barely gets above seventy in the summer. While you’re scouting your new hideout, be sure to stay in this cozy off-grid cabin in the woods, for the true Yukon experience. Accommodating up to three at $62/night, you could probably even hide out here for several months while you wait for the fallout from your meth business to blow over. Er…the election.