Dirk Nowitzki Nails Game-Winning Three Vs. Bulls

Dirk Nowitzki’s game-winning trey ball against Chicago is the exact reason – plus about 3,458,698 more – why The Big Mercedes-Benz will go down as the greatest European to ever play in the NBA and a legit Top 20 player of all time. And arguably a Top 10 beard in the history of American beards.

Vince Carter finding a role in Dallas and basically having a late-career revitalization has been pretty amazing to witness on occasion this season. But moments likes this are why I’ve drilled into the hardwood repeatedly over the past month and change why no Maverick should be taking the final shot who doesn’t wear a #41 jersey. I mean, before that, I always figured it was a forgone conclusion.

Nowitzki reeled off vintage performance to keep the Mavs within a game of the Lakers and Jazz for the eighth spot posting 35 points and seven rebounds on 14-17 shooting. The line becomes even more impressive when taking into consideration Nowitzki had 15 points in the fourth, including eight in the final 53 seconds which leads me to my next point. Tuesday night at 10:30 EST on TNT – Mavericks @ Lakers – will be must-see TV. Clear that schedule, folks.