Your Inner 12-Year-Old Will Love These Unintentionally Dirty News Bloopers

News & Culture Writer

Want to laugh like Beavis and Butthead for 16 minutes straight and temporarily forget all of the ills in the world? Our complete source for news bloopers, YouTube channel News Be Funny has complied this supercut of the “Funniest Awkward News Bloopers Ever.” And by “awkward,” they mean the most sexually suggestive, unintentionally dirty moments or Freudian slips ever to air on TV. If a reporter or anchor has ever accidentally said “cock” or “penis” on live TV, you’re probably going to find it here. Dicks on weather maps? Oh, you better believe they’ve got you covered. Busty weather girl doing jumping jacks, for some reason, on air? You’ll find it here.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • “He’s standing in front of the net with about eight inches of his shaft in his hand!”
  • “Chris Bella, a stilt walker, I was originally gonna come, uh, in between her legs…”
  • “Doug called me an hour ago and said get ready, and BAM, this thing is like, pounding us from behind!”
  • “Defensively, the team started not picking up Portland’s double penetration– dribble penetration…”
  • “Now do you have the pepper scale on your menus? Like, I want the five pepper gang bang today…”
  • “Erin, again, congratulations on your big hooters, uh, the, uh, Hoosiers win…”
  • “Northwest began serving penis– peanuts this month as its merger partner, Atlanta-based Delta airlines has done for years. Georgia is the top penis– peanut producing state in the country.”

And that’s just in the first six minutes alone!

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