Baymax Gets Ready For Battle In The First ‘Big Hero 6’ Trailer

05.22.14 5 years ago 3 Comments

A couple days ago we brought you the first images of Disney’s under-the-radar Marvel Universe animated movie Big Hero 6, and now the full trailer has dropped! Much like the first images, the trailer focuses entirely on Hiro Hamada and his loveably pudgy robot Baymax. No sign of Silver Samurai or the rest, but that’s okay. It’s pretty clear Baymax is going to be the star of this thing. He’s so chubbsy-wubbsy!

Check out the trailer below…

I love that Disney Animation is now “The studio that brought you Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph“. Yup, just those two, and nothing else.

Anyways, looks promising. A lighter take on superheroes is always appreciated. What do you folks think?

via ENI

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