Disney Has Created A Terrifying Skinless Juggling Robot

11.27.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

Do not run untrained participant. You cannot hide, for it is a…small world after all.

Oh Disney, what have you done? Disney likes to cast themselves as magical spinners of dreams, but I guess when you’re in the dream spinning business there’s no avoiding whipping up a nightmare now and then.

Disney was concerned that the animatronic characters at their parks weren’t interactive enough, so they decided to build one that could play catch and juggle, which it actually does pretty well! Unfortunately something it will likely also do well is scar children for life. Hit the jump for the juggle-bot in action…


So yes, once again a Simpsons parody becomes reality…

Once Disney has mastered robot juggling they just need to move onto axe handling.  

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