You Better Believe That A Dog Is Running For Mayor In Upstate New York


Diamond is a tiny little dog that has the largest of aspirations. She’s taking aim as running for mayor in the town of Schenectady, New York, the latest animal to attempt such a feat in the town. Her platform is as “Schenectady’s best friend” and according to the Daily Gazette, she plans on joining her past animal compatriots in cleaning up the town’s legislative offices:

In 2007, a cat named Sparky ran for mayor. Roger, also a cat, ran in 2011, against Gary McCarthy and Roger Hull, who are facing off again this year. A dog named Loffredo ran in 1999.

Diamond, 13, decided to run for mayor because she has been leaving her mark on Schenectady for a few years now and feels she can do more if she were in office. At least that’s what Kathy Fitzmaurice, who describes herself as Diamond’s campaign manager, said.

“She feels the current administration is putting politics first as opposed to what is best for Schenectady,” Fitzmaurice said.

And what is best for Schenectady? Lower toilets? A surplus of chew toys? Perhaps all the steak a dog could handle? Fire hydrants as far as the eye can see. It could all happen under the Diamond regime:

“She feels she could do a better job at breaking down the barriers in the community to tap into all of the resources everybody has to offer,” said Fitzmaurice, who owns the Katbird Shop on Liberty Street. Diamond’s campaign also calls for lower taxes and a fire hydrant on every block.

Fitzmaurice managed both of the cats’ campaigns in 2007 and 2011. She said having an animal run for mayor adds some fun to the race.

“It had started out as a joke that a friend of mine came up with,” she said. “He went out and had signs painted up, bumper stickers made and we got businesses in Schenectady to put up signs. Then in 2011 we decided we would run Roger just for fun to make things more light-hearted. Now we have Diamond.”

Dogs are predictable. Sadly, Diamond can’t actually take office and so the campaign is more of a show process in order to make some sort of ideological stand for dog rights in the town. And also to look adorable.

That said, the Daily Gazette mentions a possible debate featuring all the candidates in the race (four total, counting Diamond). If there is a mayoral debate with a dog present as a candidate, I feel like certain members of the UPROXX staff will be forced to drive to upstate New York to cover the event. Looking directly in Danger Guerrero’s direction.

(Via Time / Daily Gazette)