This Long Island ‘Dog Vinci’ Is Painting Canine Masterpieces

Get ready to overdose on cuteness with this story. Local news stations have picked up the tale of a 3-year-old black lab who paints on canvasses, while wearing a red beret and matching scarf. Ridiculous, right?

As Pix 11 reports in the clip above, the dog is officially named Dagger II, though he also goes by “Dog Vinci.” He was originally supposed to be a companion dog for people who have disabilities, but he has a fear of going up and down the stairs. So, he turned to a second career! His owner, Yvonne Dagger, discovered his affinity for the fine arts, after he saw her painting. “He always lays down next to me,” she says. “And one day he was nudging me, and I said, ‘Do you want to paint, Dagger?’ And his tail started to wag.” So she trained him to paint by command. Dagger’s medium of choice is acrylics, and he makes his masterpieces with paintbrush in mouth.

Okay, before this blogger keels over because this story is just too much, here’s one more quote about how incredible Dagger “Dog Vinci” II is. “I’m jealous in a way,” says Yvonne, “I want to paint like Dagger, because he doesn’t know of anything else. He just knows what he knows and that brush stroke is just gonna land where it lands.”

(Via Pix 11)

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