Don Jr. Wanted His Courtroom Sketch To Be ‘Sexy,’ And He’s Mad That The Result Made Him Look Like ‘Kermit The Fricken Frog’

Donald Trump Jr. testified in court this week for his dad’s current trial. Which criminal case is this, you might be wondering? It’s the one in New York involving his company’s alleged yen for fraud. His testimony was, of course, not without its moments of chaos. For one thing, the former president’s eldest son seemed to hit on the courtroom sketch artist, asking her to make him look “sexy.” Alas, it didn’t work.

As caught by Newsweek, after his courtroom appearance Don Jr. took to Instagram to bemoan the decidedly non-sexy sketch that resulted. “WTF Fat slob SBF gets to look like a superhero Zac Efron and I look Kermit the fricken [sic] frog in our courtroom drawings,” he railed, referencing another fraud case: the one involving FTX bro Sam Bankman-Fried, who was found guilty last week, He concluded, “It ain’t right.”

And Don Jr. had such high hopes, too. Before the sketch, by artist Jane Rosenberg, was made public, he confirmed reports that he’d asked to be made to look hot, calling it “100% a true story.” He added, “If you can’t have some fun, even in the midst of an insane persecution from a radical sociopath attorney general, when can you have fun?”

Meanwhile, Don Jr.’s oldest brother Eric had the temerity to claim he was just a normal, blue collar everyman. So the trial — one of their dad’s many — seems to be going nice and normal.

(Via Newsweek)