Anderson Cooper Compared New Audio Of Trump Discussing January 6 To Richard Nixon’s ‘Drunk Rambling, Except He’s Not Drunk’

On Wednesday evening, I Alone Can Fix It authors Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker appeared on Anderson Cooper 360, where they played audio from their sit-down interview with Donald Trump. The former-president didn’t continue to insist he would beat George Washington and Abraham Lincoln in an election, but he did spew nonsense about the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol, which he called a “loving crowd.”

Trump said the MAGA horde was “ushered in by the police. I mean in all fairness, the Capitol Police were ushering people in. The Capitol Police were very friendly, you know they were hugging and kissing. You don’t see that, but there’s plenty of tape on that too.” Five people died due to the events of the day, and hundreds of officers were injured.

Trump also rambled about the 2020 presidential election, including his baseless claim that “thousands” of dead people voted against him. “Take all of the dead people that voted, and there were thousands of them by the way. We have lists of them, obituaries,” he said. “If you take the illegal immigrants that voted, if you take this — Indians got paid to vote in different places. You know, you had Indians getting paid to vote. Many, many different things. All election-changing. Not just, you know, 12 people.”

After hearing the long-winded audio from history’s fourth-worst president, host Anderson Cooper summed it up nicely. “This is like listening to Nixon drunk rambling, except he’s not drunk,” he said. “He’s just rambling and that he still is holding onto all these lies.”

You can watch the Anderson Cooper 360 clip above.

(Via the Huffington Post)