Donald Trump’s Latest Grift: Charging $1,000 For A Signed Copy Of His Photo Book, ‘Our Journey Together’

Donald Trump may be the king of failed business ventures—so long, Tour de Trump!—but the man sure does know how to grift. While the biggest fraud he has successfully perpetrated on his gullible supporters just might be his Election Defense Fund, which raised $250 million… despite not actually existing.

Not content to leave any money on the table, the former president is adding to his bank account by charging thousands of dollars as a motivational speaker and now he’s asking his most loyal stooges to fork over $1,000 for a book of photos signed with his very own tiny orange hands.

As the Intelligencer reports, Trump is now hawking signed copies of Our Journey Together, the widely mocked photo book the former president published following his term in office, which is full of snarky captions and some of his famously Sharpie-written notes, and cost 75 f**king dollars! While you can find $50 copies of it on Amazon, Trump wants to keep riding the coffee table book gravy train by selling a signed “bundle pack” for $999, which will get anyone insane enough to part with that kind of money not only a copy of Trump’s so-called “burn book,” but a signed copy of Donald Trump Jr.’s book Liberal Privilege (a book no one asked for) PLUS a blood-red MAGA hat. It’s a package that the website describes as “a must-have for every patriot!”

The book, it should be noted, is published by Winning Team Publishing, a Don Jr. joint, which describes itself as “the nation’s premier conservative publishing house,” despite being founded in 2021 and having just three titles in its catalog.

(Via Intelligencer)