Donald Trump Falsely Claimed The Arizona Election Audit That Lost Him Votes Actually, Somehow, Said He Won

We’re slowly creeping up on a year since Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden, and the twice-impeached now-ex president is still finding ways to lose. The latest is a months-long advocating for a haphazard recall election in Arizona that actually saw him lost votes.

Unsurprisingly, especially given his track record on judging reality, Trump has a different take on a recall that showed him get fewer votes and Joe Biden get even more than before. At a rally in Georgia on Saturday night, Trump claimed the audit done by Trump-friendly Cyber Ninjas actually showed he won the election he continues to have lost.

“We won at the Arizona forensic audit yesterday at a level that you wouldn’t believe,” Trump said, a blatant lie by every measure of the words. “They had headlines that Biden wins in Arizona, when they know it’s not true. He didn’t win in Arizona. He lost in Arizona based on the forensic audit.”

That’s entirely untrue, though: the result of the audit in Maricopa County showed that Trump actually had 261 fewer votes in the election and Biden had 99 more than first counted. Not only did the audit not magically find thousands of votes for Trump, it in theory gave Biden an even wider margin of victory in Arizona.

None of that matters, however, as Trump’s rally where he campaigns for… something is largely an airing of grievances in front of an equally delusional but very supportive captive audience. Later on, Trump claimed that he never conceded the election, which he also did.

In another wild bit of rambling, Trump admitted that he called Georgia governor Brian Kemp and demanded he call a “special election” against Biden in the weeks after the state went his way in November.

At another point during the rambling rally, Trump says the government should be “looking at” sending Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to prison, presumably in response to Trump being banned from the platform he created.

It’s all a pretty wild trip into what Trump and his most devoted followers feel is actually happening in America. But it doesn’t change reality: Trump lost, and somehow he keeps finding new ways to confirm that and say otherwise anyway.