Donald Trump Jr. Is Getting Roasted For Sharing A Picture Of His Birthday ‘Cake’

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12.18.17 9 Comments

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Donald Trump Jr. turns 40 on December 31, so to celebrate this significant milestone — not to mention, potentially the last birthday in awhile he might be spending as a free man — some friends of his decided to get him an early birthday present, which the eldest Trump son shared on Instagram posing with a smiling Ted Cruz. (Cruz, of course, fresh off his Twitter squabble with Mark Hamill.)

Except … That’s not a cake.

What Trump Jr. is holding in his hands does appear to be a large cookie with Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign posted designed by artist Shepard Fairey drawn crudely on in icing, and not even centered on the damn cookie for that matter. This would hardly be the first time Trump Jr. has been ridiculed on social media, and unsurprisingly plenty of folks jumped in to point out the obvious — along with a handful of other stray observations.

Here are just a handful of the comments to the post:

Doesn’t look like our last great President…oh well, enjoy it now because you, Daddy & Jared won’t get treats like that in prison.

You’re nothing but a bunch of damn children…

You’re an idiot @donaldjtrumpjr. I understand Obama is awesome and who wouldn’t want something with Obama on it. But it would suit you much better to get lesson on how to act from @barackobama. You could have put your cartoon version on the cookie of Beavis & Butthead. A portrait of you and your brother.

A smart, tough cookie book-ended by two clueless Twinkies. How appropriate.

Also, you look like an idiot. Too bad money can’t buy you class.

I can’t wait until you ppl are arrested.

Why are you guys so obsessed with Obama? It’s bordering on crazy at this point.

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