Everyone Is Having The Same Reaction To Donald Trump’s ‘Made In America’ Week

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Perhaps in an effort to deflect from the still unfolding Russia scandal, scrutiny of his son Don Jr., and record low approval ratings, on Monday the White House launched a three week long “Made in America” week campaign, which kicks off by highlighting American-made products. The second week will focus on American jobs while the third will take on “the American Dream,” because obviously Trump knows plenty about that.

According to The Hill, the plan is for Trump to feature locally made products from all 50 states at the White House and on the South Lawn, and “speak to the media on his administration’s support of manufacturing companies in America.”

And in case you were wondering, heck yeah there’s gonna be trucks involved.

If the campaign seems a bit, well, disingenuous, remember that it comes just days after Ivanka Trump came under fire for the hellish conditions workers endure in the Indonesian factory that makes her clothing line. Not to mention, Trump himself is well known for employing labor from Mexico and China for his own various lines of merchandise.

And as the hashtag #MadeInAmericaWeek started picking up steam on Twitter, plenty of folks were sure to bring that point to Trump’s attention:

So like everything else in his administration, Made in America week is already off to a great start! #MAGA

(Via The Hill)