Donald Trump Says ‘Bad’ Immigrants Are Actually ‘Coming From All Over’

Donald Trump sat down with Jake Tapper this morning to discuss his presidential run. When Trump previously announced his bid, the media erupted with glee. Jon Stewart practically thanked him for providing a “comedy hospice” for Stewart’s last few weeks on The Daily Show.

But Trump wants the world to know he’s entirely serious about this presidential bid. He even gave up his highly successful show, The Apprentice. Trump said, “NBC would love me to not be doing this,” he’s poured plenty of money into this campaign, which “is the cheapest part” of the endeavor. He’s literally giving up “hundreds of millions” to give up his show.

Tapper went on to broach the subject of same-sex marriage. Trump strongly believes in “traditional marriage,” which many note doesn’t jibe with Trump amassing three holy unions. Trump said, “They have a very good point. I have a great wife now.” He admitted, “I blame myself because my business was so powerful for me.”

Trump also followed up on his comments about how Mexico sent “criminals” and “rapists” to America as immigrants, which resulted in the loss of his Univision contract. The Univision CEO then compared Trump to the Charleston shooter, which turned the situation into an even bigger mess. Trump “clarified” by saying, “You have people coming from all over and they’re bad. People that are killers and rapists. It’s not Mexicans necessarily. They’re coming from all over.”

Tapper pointed out how Trump’s “poll numbers are no joke. They show him hot on Jeb Bush’s tail.” Trump called Bush “a wonderful person,” but “I don’t know if I want him negotiating with ISIS. I think Trump would do a lot better. You think so too, but you’re not going to say it.”

(via Deadline)