Of Course Trump Is Selling Mugshot NFTs And What He Calls The ‘Most Historically Significant Artifact in United States History’ For Christmas

Are you still looking for the perfect gift to give to your insufferable MAGA-loving relative this Christmas? Well look no further!

On Tuesday, former president Donald Trump announced that he’s selling NFTs of his scowling, internet-breaking mugshot. If you act now, you can even get a piece of the suit that he wore when he surrounded to authorities. “Due to the great Excitement and Success of my previous TRUMP DIGITAL TRADING CARDS, we’re doing it again – The MugShot Edition, available RIGHT NOW,” he wrote on Truth Social. “Plus, buy 47 cards and get a piece of the suit I wore for the ‘Mugshot Photo,’ and also get an invite to a Gala Dinner with me at Mar-a-Lago! Don’t wait, they’ll go FAST (I believe!). I’m happy if you’re happy. Have fun. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

In a video to accompany the post, Trump referred to himself as “your favorite president” before describing the cards, many of which have him dressed up as off-brand superheroes. “Some people call these cards pop art or modern art. I wish I looked as good as I do on those cards, that I can tell you. They give me muscles where, believe me, I don’t have them.” That’s the most humble thing Trump has ever said — unlike on the website for the cards, which describes the suit and tie he wore in his mugshot as the “most historically significant artifact in United States history.” Take that, U.S. Constitution.

You can see the hideous cards for yourself here.