Donald Trump’s Long-Anticipated Mugshot Just Dropped, And People Have Thoughts (And Jokes)

What a week it’s been so far in MAGA land. Rudy Giuliani saw the last of his remaining “America’s Mayor” goodwill slide into the Ninth Circle of Hell while posing for a mugshot. By now, Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell, and the rest of the most ridiculous rogues’ gallery ever have joined suit, and now, it’s King MAGA’s turn in front of the camera.

On Thursday, Donald Trump turned himself into the Fulton County jail on an assortment of RICO-based charges. He waited long enough in the day to surrender to make this a primetime event of sorts at 7:30pm EST. Trump did sit out of this week’s GOP debate, but he couldn’t avoid being “ARRESTED,” as he described in all-caps, because he cannot resist.

Regardless, hey, here’s the first presidential mugshot in U.S. history. Congrats to 45 for this unprecedented entry into the history books.

As people waited for the authentic mugshot, some fake mugshots surfaced. Trump also got to self-report his own weight, which is lame as hell, man. However, the real mugshot produced many, many jokes.

There’s been quite a buildup to this momentous event, and DA Fani Willis didn’t feel like skipping this step like with the first three sets of criminal charges. Four indictments. So much winning.