The Internet Is Having An Absolute Blast With Trump’s ‘Check Out Sex Tape’ Tweet

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Donald Trump decided to cap off his bad week by tweeting about a fictional Alicia Machado sex tape. This is how the Republican nominee for president copes with losing a debate and being labeled as “unfit” to be president by a notoriously neutral newspaper. The morning shows are not impressed with Trump’s demeanor, and he’s proven Hillary Clinton correct. She has repeatedly said that a person who can’t restrain himself from rage tweeting shouldn’t have his fingers anywhere close to nuclear weapons.

Trump is currently full of fury at former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, who Clinton evoked to cap off her debate victory. Trump fell right into Clinton’s trap — when she criticized him for making disparaging comments about women, he responded by disparaging women. Then he spent the whole week feuding with a beauty pageant winner who did the unthinkable by gaining weight. Finally, he asked the voting public to “check out sex tape.”

Naturally, people have strong reactions to Trump’s tweetstorm and comparing his words to those of past presidents.

And there are jokes and memes a plenty coming your way.

There’s also plenty of criticism coming Trump’s way. This is 2016, and the presidential race is focusing on women’s appearances and the “disgusting” possibility of a sex tape.

Has anyone talked to Alicia Machado today? She’s probably like this.

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