Even Donald Trump Has Been Reportedly ‘Riveted’ By The Jan 6th Committee’s Explosive Hearings

Like millions of his fellow Americans, Donald Trump has been glued to every minute of the explosive January 6th hearings. Unlike millions of his fellow Americans, Trump is also the main subject of these hearings—which, for him, might be part of the appeal.

Raw Story picked up on a story from CNN, which reported that Trump has been “riveted” by watching his misdeeds surrounding and leading up to the Capitol riots of January 6th play out on television. He’s also allegedly haranguing colleagues to get their takes on the hearings, and how they’re making him look.

“Trump is always watching,” New Day host John Berman said, adding that “Trump was particularly angry after hearing his former staffers and White House counsel.” But the former president’s preoccupation with these hearings has become a concern for some of his colleagues, who believe his focus should be elsewhere.

“We’ve heard he’s always following these hearings and that’s much to the chagrin of those around him who would hope that he would focus on the November midterms,” CNN correspondent Kristin Holmes told Berman.

While, in public appearances and on his own TRUTH Social media site, Trump has dismissed the hearings as a bunch of malarkey, Holmes says that “Behind closed doors he’s always talking about these hearings, asking those around him how they think they’re playing out.”

Hopefully, someone has had the balls to be honest and tell him: “Not well, Mr. Former President.”

Meanwhile, according to Holmes, “One of [Trump’s] biggest gripes… [is] still that none of these witnesses are being cross-examined and he feels he doesn’t have anyone defending him.” Which could have been different if he had not directed his many enablers to ignore their subpoenas or agreed to simply testify himself.

You can watch Berman and Holmes’ full exchange below:

(Via Raw Story)