Don’t Worry, Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Are Planning A Low-Key Wedding At The Palace Of Versailles

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05.17.14 6 Comments
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When I first glanced at that headline, I had to double check. The idea that anyone would get married at the Palace of Versailles is newsworthy to a point. Kim and Kanye getting married there is super newsworthy because they get the attention cockroaches like us desire and it also allows the general public to judge. No matter how you feel on the subject, TMZ has you covered:

There are reports that the couple will tie the knot in Florence, Italy … in fact the Mayor’s office even went on record confirming that.

But sources familiar with the wedding plans say it will absolutely take place at Versailles, following nearly a week of parties all around France.

A total of 3 French kings lived there and the palace and gardens are world famous to this day.

Versailles is where Louis XIV famously lived in the 1600s. It’s also where Marie Antoinette lived with her hubby Louis the XVI and was trashed for her lavish lifestyle. She famously said “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” — translated, “Let them eat cake,” referring to the common folk who bitched at her.

And then they cut her head off. They cut a lot of heads off during the Reign of Terror, something I can only hope they decide to do again.

Before you go off and say, “who cares,” I want to point out that someone does care a lot out there. These stories exist for a reason. I don’t personally care for their well being and I would gladly pull the switch to shoot them and Justin Bieber into the Sun. But that’s not why I’m here.

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