‘Doritos Roulette’ Is The Stupid New Snack Game Taking YouTube By Storm

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07.08.14 8 Comments

The diabolical sorcerers of flavor at PepsiCo have managed to kill several birds with one stone with their latest ridiculous snack chip idea, Doritos Roulette. The basic idea behind this new gimmick is that you can buy a bag of mostly-normal nacho cheese Doritos and enjoy them like you always do; however, a few of the chips in that bag will have been dusted with an extremely spicy flavor, and that will cause you to freak out and chug milk. Naturally, because of a typically clever Doritos commercial, teens and bored adults have taken to YouTube to post videos of themselves “taking the challenge” and thus freaking out once they’ve chomped on the figuratively poisoned chips.

The extra bird in this case is the fact that these Doritos were only released in Canada, so yet again us Yankee hosers are forced to sneak across the border to purchase as many bags of Doritos Roulette as we can fit inside of the fake pregnant bellies that we’re making our girlfriends and/or stripper neighbors wear to pull off this terrible plan. Other less adventurous people are simply looking for bag of the chips on eBay, where there’s currently at least one listing that has people paying $22 for a bag of chips.

So what does it look like when a bunch of hip kids take the challenge and one of them finally eats the spicy chip? More overacting than 1,000 porn movies.

Haha, that was pretty good, gang of friends. But what I need is an “epic reaction” for some epic chips, and I need some real bros to really show me what it’s like while they’re drinking Rockstar Energy Drink.

CHUG THAT ROCKSTAR, LIL BRO! Yo, you can’t handle that spicy sh*t, son. Okay, look, I’m sorry, I’m not trying to mock these people for entertaining strangers on the Internet. But the bottom line is that I need kids who look like they know what they’re doing and are therefore legitimately experts in this food-tasting game. I need a kid who is wearing a “ROFL” t-shirt.

There you have it, folks – “Spicy as crap.” Also, “If anyone out there thinks I’m faking, go die in a hole” made me legitimately LOL. Normally, I’d weigh in with my own expert analysis, but I’m not paying $22 for a bag of chips. Unless I’m drunk.

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