9th Wonder – Black American Gangster Mixtape

9th Wonder’s mind has always operated on its own level and it’s so intriguing to see what he cooks up given how unique the end result usually is. His latest endeavor is a remix album of Jay-Z’s 2007 project, American Gangster and 9th’s take is definitely worth the listen.

It’s great that Hov made the acapella version an official edition of the album, allowing something like Black American Gangster to come about with ease and no compromise to sound quality that would otherwise occur with bootlegging or being forced to recreate parts of the songs for an artist’s use. The only notable exclusion here was “Roc Boys,” a record that I still listen to occasionally listen to from the OG joint and would have loved to see what 9th Wonder would do to it.

Download: 9th Wonder Presents Black American Gangster | Alt. Link

Cred: The NQM