Droids Are Being Sassy On Disney Channel! The Crossovers Begin!

Oh great, R2’s at the highschool trying to “interface” again.

We officially have our first crossover of the Disney/Lucasfilm era and uh, well, don’t get too excited. Sometime over the weekend R2D2 and C3PO both appeared on some Disney kiddie sitcom thing called A.N.T. Farm. I have no idea what A.N.T. Farm is about, but it’s got that typical Disney Channel mix of jokes recycled from the early 90s and dorkily dressed kids overacting in the most obnoxious manner possible. At one point C3PO tells a teenage girl to “step off fool” because he’s “fluent in street slang”.

So yeah, sorry for subjecting you all to this. Hit the jump for a clip — don’t worry, it’s only about a minute long…

Are oversized ladies cardigans the thing teenage guys are wearing today? Am I out of touch with society at large, or is this just a Disney Channel thing? Oh, and uh, how ’bout them droids, eh?

via Bleeding Cool

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