Watch These Sloppy Drunk Moms Create The Worst Pinterest Crafts Ever

Pinterest rages with popularity throughout the internet for reasons best left unknown. The thought of possessing enough spare time to plunk together a useless hunk of crap is a pleasure unknown to many, and the rest of us can marvel at the legions of those dream of mimicking Martha Stewart. Of course, Stewart has assistants to help her create “good things,” and this Buzzfeed video leaves moms with a bottle of the good stuff to let their own juices flow.

Now, arts and crafts have their place in the creative realm, but the proper destination is often not Pinterest. However, there is a perverse pleasure in watching people get loaded and attempt to hit viral fame while armed with wrapping paper, scotch tape, and cardboard. This video is a treasure, really, and the influence of alcohol only adds to the experience these ladies enact for our viewing pleasure. Mama’s gonna have a real headache later, y’all.

In short, some moms get drunk. They say stuff like “I don’t know where the hole is … that’s what she said.” All is beautiful, and these ladies won’t recall any of their trials in the harsh daylight. The internet will always remember.

(Via Buzzfeed)