A Drunk Ohio Man Led Police On A Car Chase So He Could Finish A Big Mac

Police in Brunswick, Ohio may have thought they were having a Friday night to remember on September 28, as 31-year old Randall Miller was reported for driving his SUV a little recklessly in the early hours of the morning, and he decided to lead the responding officers on a little chase after he ran through a traffic stop. But was Miller simply trying to use his Grand Theft Auto experience to make those flashing stars disappear by outrunning the 5-0?

Nope, the guy had a completely different reason for putting himself and the police in danger. He just wanted to finish his Big Mac.

Welp, I’m pretty sure there’s only one response to that…

But seriously, folks. Don’t be a-holes. Call a cab if you’re gonna get hammered enough to eat McDonald’s.

(Via the Smoking Gun)