This Drunk 9-Year-Old Kid Is The Biggest Scandal In New Zealand Right Now

Top of the Lake taught me everything I know about New Zealand, so all things considered, I’d say the drunk nine-year-old boy covered in vomit is actually doing well for himself. He’s not pregnant, he hasn’t fallen off any mountains, and he’s not living in a shipping crate with Holly Hunter. And yet, the Kiwis are NOT happy.

Video of a drunk nine-year-old boy at a skate park in New Zealand has sparked outrage in the country and prompted police to condemn those who gave the child alcohol.

The video, posted on YouTube last night, shows the nine-year-old stumbling around with a can of drink in his hand with a group of other children in the North Island town of Hamilton.

The boy says he had drunk 18 Cody’s – a pre-mixed bourbon and cola drink. (Via)

Do NOT go on a boat with the cops, kid. (I need to get out more.)

Via 9 News