The Internet Loves This Video Of A Drunk UConn Student Freaking Out Over Mac And Cheese

On Monday night, a video surfaced that sent the internet into a fit of incredulous hilarity. The nine-minute clip shows a male undergrad of UConn demanding macaroni and cheese. He didn’t request any old variety of the mainstay college meal. Nope, dude wanted some bacon-jalapeno flavored mac and cheese, and he demanded the student union provide him with this tasty stoner snack. When management approached the irate undergrad, his demands grew louder until shouting commenced.

Then came the pushing and shoving on both ends of the argument until the brat ended up pinned to the ground by two employees. After several minutes of madness, police showed up and cuffed the guy, who kept moaning for his missing shoe. If there was any justice in this world, the guy would have simply passed out on the ground and woken up in jail. Instead, he stayed conscious long enough to stand up, spit on a nearby employee, and get himself marched right out the door.

As a fitting update, it turns out this kid is no stranger to disorderly conduct. Luke Gatti, 19, has been arrested twice before back in September of 2014 for similar behavior.

This video has gone viral to such a degree that Twitter lit up like a bowl of gooey, cheesy goodness, too.

Some tweets even came from fellow UConn students, who expressed their utter embarrassment.

(Via BroBible)