Chelsea’s Eden Hazard Kicks The Crap Out Of Ball Boy

01.24.13 6 years ago 30 Comments

We all do things out of frustration. But kicking a ball boy in the ribs? That’s what Eden Hazard of Chelsea FC decided to do in a cup match last night in England. Charlie Morgan, the ball boy for opposing home side Swansea City, smothered the ball and refused to give it up to Hazard. You could understand why the Belgium international was pissed, as his club was set to be and eventually eliminated. Yet, in what capacity is kicking a kid while on the ground seemed logical? There are other soccer balls in the stadium, just get another ball.

In a sport where you can’t use your hands, maybe the guy forgot during a dead ball a professional athlete could grab a soccer ball out of a kids hands. As a result, Hazard was eventually red carded, is facing a three-match suspension and adds a smear to his legacy.

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