El Chapo’s Latest Brush With Capture Had Everything To Do With A Pet Monkey

10.25.15 4 years ago

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The saga of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is more complex than most movies you’ll see in Hollywood these days, and unlike those films, you’re getting an original story. The flight of the Sinaloa drug cartel lord is very real, and ever since he escaped through an elaborate tunnel from a Mexican prison in July, the authorities have persisted in a massive manhunt. In early October, El Chapo narrowly escaped re-arrest in early October with injuries to his face and one leg. This was his closest brush with recapture.

Dead or alive, El Chapo will be found again. He can’t run forever, and unlike the last time he evaded arrest for 13 years, social media is working against him. He’s a master of evasion, but he can’t tame the effects of his own son’s Twitter account, which could unwittingly give away his hiding place through the miracle known as “location services.” Chapo was brutal enough to come out of the Donald Trump debacle with a rumored bounty on Trump’s head. Whether or not that rumor is true, we’ll likely never know, but Trump felt threatened enough to call in the FBI for reinforcements.

First thing’s first: Chapo’s July tunnel escape from a Mexican prison has resulted in six arrests of people who allegedly helped the drug lord. That roster includes Chapo’s brother-in-law, who allegedly masterminded the big escape by acting as an information conduit to other Chapo henchmen. The brother-in-law also reportedly organized and oversaw the construction of the elaborate escape tunnel, which was 1.5 kilometers in length and ended in a plot of land owned by the brother-in-law.

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