Elderly Couple Flip Their Car In The Middle Of Street, Immediately Pose For World’s Most Adorable Photos

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06.26.14 13 Comments

A couple that has been married for more than 60 years added yet another precious moment to their heaping pile of memories last week — and they were sure to capture photographic evidence.

According to Mail Online, the octogenarian pair were driving their blue Honda sedan down a Bel-Air street on Friday afternoon when the vehicle flipped over, landing on its side in the middle of the street and trapping the female driver.

What could have been a horrific scene quickly turned adorable. Both of the elderly people were unharmed following the crash, with the husband able to climb out of the passenger’s seat. As they waited for help to arrive, they playfully posed for the perfect photos below:

The trapped driver even asked her husband for help finding her purse so she could take a selfie:

The Los Angeles Fire Department eventually arrived on the scene and extracted the driver from the overturned vehicle. The names of the people involved and details about what caused the crash have not been made available, but it’s safe to say that the incident was not this couple’s fault. By definition, people this perfect do not make mistakes. (Now please confiscate their licenses.)

(Via Mail Online + RMG News; H/T Guyism)

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