All The GIFs You Need To Get Through Election Day

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The day is finally here. After what has felt like the longest election cycle in history, the Trump Vs. Clinton Rumble has its final round tonight. Whether or not your party wins or loses, at least it is over (and we all have to live with the consequences of our voting choices). As we look ahead to the seemingly endless Election Day turning into the teeth gnashing Election Night, words may fail you, but GIFs (like the above, all-purpose selection) never will. Conversational eloquence may be dead, but at least efficiency and cats reign supreme. As you hunker down to stress eat some junk food and watch as the results roll in, take comfort in these emoting little loops.

When There’s A Long-Assed Line At Your Precinct And Your Phone Is About To Die.


You’re doing your civic duty (happily!), but not being able to refresh Twitter while you wait? What vengeful god have you angered?

When Election Results Come In And Your Candidate Just Lost A Crucial Swing State.


*breathes into paper bag* It’s fine. IT’S FINE.

When Your Mom Won’t Stop Telling You About How Great Again Everything Is Going To Be/How This Is The End Of America As We Know It.


Did you get that passive aggressive text storm this morning too? Yeah. We all did.

When You Want Everyone To Just Chill And Put The Pitchforks Down.


We all still have to be friends, family members, and coworkers tomorrow. Take a breath and think before you react.

When Poll Watchers Give You Too Long A Look.


If you broke out your Nasty Woman t-shirt or a Make America Great Again hat, you undoubtedly got some withering stares.

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