Hilarity Ensues When Three British Dudes Try To Pry A Bicycle Off An Electric Fence

Before you play the above video, you should probably first click here on this link and have this other video playing in the background. Trust me when I say it will be important in your overall viewing experience.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, feast your eyes on these three British blokes who somehow managed to get one of their bicycles caught in an electric fence. As far as how they got the bicycle caught in the fence in the first place is mostly inconsequential, however the YouTube description offers the following explanation:

Whilst pedaling today my mate Paul went to put his bike over a fence. Half way though he realized that it was electric! So he dropped it on the fence. This is a video of him and my mate Al trying to get it off! Please excuse the swearing and oh yes by the way the clicking sound is the electric pulsing!!

Unfortunately we don’t have video of the bike actually getting caught in the fence, like a fly in an electrically charged spider’s web spun of steel, but what transpires is three-and-a-half minutes of grunting, yelping, and polite-sounding British swearing, as the men resort back to caveman times using crude tools (large sticks) in an attempt to pry the bicycle free.

Let’s just say by the end of it, they probably learned their lesson about lifting bicycles over strange fences.

(Via Reddit)