Elijah Wood Will Be Starring In Tim Schafer’s ‘Broken Age’

Tim Schafer’s Kickstarter funded adventure game Broken Age may be behind schedule and badly over-budget, but there’s one thing the game isn’t lacking — voice work by celebrity hipsters!

Schafer showed up on Spike’s VGX awards tonight to reveal that Mr. Frodo himself, Elijah Wood will be voicing Broken Age’s male protagonist Shay. Broken Age follows the adventures of Shay, a boy who has lived his life on a space station controlled by a motherly AI, and Vella, a girl on a distant, less technologically advanced, more magical planet.

Schafer didn’t mention who plays Vella, but in addition to Elijah Wood, a murderer’s row of celeb nerds like Jack Black, Pendleton Ward and Wil Wheaton will provide voices for the game. You can check out some new footage of Tim Schafer’s Broken Age below…

via Destructoid