Elon Musk Has Dropped His First-Ever Rap Single ‘RIP Harambe’ With Predictable Results

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Brace yourselves, because the simulation we’re all currently living through is about to take a drastic turn. Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur behind such ventures as Tesla and SpaceX who’s currently embroiled in a lawsuit over a tweet joking about 420, recently dropped a rap single about the long-dead gorilla Harambe on SoundCloud. (That, or he’s trying to get into the April Fools Day spirit a bit early.) I truly wish I were making this up, but I swear to the gods that I am not.

According to The Hill, Musk tweeted out a link to his Emo G Records SoundCloud account early Saturday morning. The account only has one track listed and said track is the aforementioned “RIP Harambe.” After a brief musical introduction, an autotuned singer — presumably Musk himself — sings, “RIP Harambe, sipping on some Bombay, we on our way to heaven, Amen, Amen / RIP Harambe, smoking on some strong, hey, in the gorilla zoo and we thinking about you.”

The track is only one minute and 56 seconds long, but Musk has 25.5 million followers on Twitter, so the song’s length and quality don’t really matter. As of this writing, over 201,000 people have listened to “RIP Harambe” since Musk revealed its existence to the world on Saturday. Yet it wasn’t until The Hill and several other music and internet culture-focused blogs began reporting on the matter on Sunday that the rest of Twitter took notice.

Whether this is all one big April Fools Day joke, a totally real devotion to the deceased gorilla, or something in between, everyone is handling the news about as well as I am.






Maybe Elon should sing about Cecil the Lion next.

(Via The Hill)