This Guy Successfully Used Lyrics From Eminem’s ‘Stan’ To Pick Up A Girl On Tinder

There is a place for Eminem in the heart of every 90s kid. The pop culture influence of Slim Shady was really something else, and lyrical recall of his work is truly a unifying factor for many millennials. Finding a date (or, hell, even a decent hookup) on Tinder can feel pretty much impossible, so one bro decided to call upon that oft shared experience and used lyrics from Eminem’s classic “Stan” as a conversation opener. It recently helped one dude get a job, so why not a date? Despite how creepy this could have become given the context of “Stan,” this girl seemed pretty down. Honestly, with all of the “hey” and “butt stuff?” that the average Tinder user gets, this is honestly a refreshing, albeit strange, change of pace.

Well, their deal was to meet up if the post made it to the front page of Imgur, and it did (racking up over 500,000 views), so we’ll see if these two potential soulmates meet up. If temporary internet fame can’t bring two people together for something real, can anything? Hopefully she won’t be too disappointed when she finds out her date isn’t actually 90s heartthrob Devon Sawa.

(H/T BroBible)