End Of An Era: The Video That Killed The ‘Gangnam Style’ Meme For Good

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12.05.12 26 Comments

No meme has staggered past its expiration date in 2012 quite like once-charming “Gangnam Style” parodies, with dozens continuing to pop up every day. (“OPPA GANGVIETNAM STYLE”) They make “Call Me Maybe” spoofs seem quaint by comparison. Luckily, someone on Reddit found the single worst “Gangnam” video yet, meaning it’s time to bring the horse (dance) behind the barn and shoot it, for the good of the Internet.

According to YouTube uploader Cym4tic, “THIS IS NOT MY VIDEO. This is from my high school. And I hate my high school, so no shame. Feel free to hate it and share it with the world!” IF YOU INSIST. (Kid must be super popular.) The video begins with Rob Corddry’s female doppelganger sitting in a desk chair in a school…or is it??? The whole thing was apparently shot and edited by the same blind Korean who put together Gale’s karaoke video on Breaking Bad. The vocals follow a different melody than “Gangnam,” the bass is oppressive, and random white people throw their bodies all over the place without a lick of rhythm. Except this guy.

He’s won the Internet. Enjoy. I think.

(Via Reddit)

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