Eric Trump Tried To Spread Election Misinformation Over Twitter And Got Owned Instead

You know you have it bad when you wish you were Donald Trump Jr. The outgoing president’s other son has never had the power of his older brother, who’s gone from yet another ignored Trump child to an attempted clone of his potentially screwed father. But every now and then Eric tries to bluff into the news, posting the kind of bold if wrongheaded silliness that tends to get Jr. attention. His latest volley came on Saturday, when he attempted to sow further, baseless distrust in the 2020 election results.

“Does anyone believe that Biden got 15 million more votes than Obama in 2012?” Eric wrote. “This from a candidate who would go days/weeks while hardly campaigning.”

It’s a familiar line among Trump and his minions, who’ve thrown everything they can at the election results, including the kitchen sink. And like their dozens and dozens of failed legal challenges, this one is easily debunked. All one has to do is point out the false equivalency: that Mitt Romney wasn’t the same threat to democracy that his dad continues to be, thanks in part to tweets like Eric’s.

Likewise, many were inspired to come out of the woodwork and give him a piece of their mind. Soon a phrase went viral: “Yes Eric,” with many people explaining to him the many ways he’s wrong. Some took the time to explain it to him, as they would a child.

Some pointed out that not campaigning — and thereby endangering his supporters with exposure to a highly contagious virus, as well as all the people with whom they come in contact — was in fact one motivating factor for Biden voters.

And some were a little more blunt than others.

Anyway, better luck next time, kid. It’s hard to live up to this guy.