Erotic Produce Is All The Rage In Barcelona Right Now


Flower stands along Barcelona’s La Rambla have resorted to selling seeds to grow erotic fruits and vegetables after a city council decision prohibited merchants from selling tourist souvenirs. The seeds come in three varieties: peppers shaped like penises, flowers that resemble a woman’s vulva, and melons that grow into what appears to be a woman’s breast, complete with nipple.

Until about two years ago, the pervy seeds, which typically cost between €3 and €4 per packet, could only be found along resort towns along the coast of Spain. But since then merchants in Barcelona have had to become more creative. A few of them spoke with Spain’s La Vanguardia via The Local about their booming new business.

“The erotic seeds are the best-selling,” Jessica Balastegui, who works on one of the Ramblas’ flower stalls, told La Vanguardia.

“People coming here on stag and hen nights often buy them because they’re funny,” said stallholder, Rosa. Rosa explained that the peppers are actually deformed, which is why they end up resembling phalluses.

If you’ve ever wondered what boob-shaped melons or penis peppers looked like; Instagram to the rescue! I have to issue a light NSFW warning, depending on your company’s attitude when it comes to pornographic produce.