Oh Snap! Fox Puts Quicksilver in ‘X-Men: Days of Future’ Before Marvel Can Put Him In ‘Avengers 2’

Joss Whedon hinted (then later confirmed) that Quicksilver would be in The Avengers 2, prompting us to celebrate with cosplay. Now Bryan Singer has tweeted that American Horror Story star Evan Peters will be playing Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past. KNIVES OUT.

Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff) is the twin brother of Scarlet Witch and the son of Magneto. Both he and Scarlet Witch later joined the Avengers, which is why both Marvel and Fox can put the character in their movie as long as Fox’s script doesn’t mention the Avengers and Marvel’s script doesn’t refer to him as a “mutant” or mention his parentage.

The original version of Bryan Singer’s announcement was, “Before he was an #Avenger, he was just a REALLY fast kid. Thrilled to say #EvanPeters is joining #XMen #DaysOfFuturePast as #Quicksilver.”

Singer then deleted the original tweet and reposted it as “Thrilled to say #EvanPeters is joining #XMen #DaysOfFuturePast as #Quicksilver.” In an alternate universe, he’d have left the original tweet in place and followed it with eighteen tweets of “@JossWhedon IN YO’ FACE”.

Also, if anyone was hoping Evan Peters would play Quicksilver in The Avengers 2 as well in some kind of cooperative awesomeness, it doesn’t sound like things are that friendly between Fox and Disney’s Marvel.

This is not a situation where the two different companies are working together to try and create a sense of a larger shared world. In fact, if either of them could get the other to back off, they would. The thing is, Bryan Singer has designed a sequence that he feels only works with Quicksilver, and Joss Whedon feels that there is a pressing reason for Quicksilver to show up in “The Avengers 2,” and so what we’re going to see is a legally-negotiated stand-off in which we’ll get two totally different versions of one character. While they may act like things are amicable in public, HitFix sources say otherwise. [Hitfix]

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