Ever Wanted To See A $10 Million Bra? Then Check Out Victoria’s Secret’s ‘Fantasy Bra’

Depending on whom you ask, the government shutdown will have cost the American economy anywhere from $20 billion to ALL OF THE MONEY EVER PRINTED, so it’s good to know that in these dire times that some companies are still operating with focuses on humility and frugality. Victoria’s Secret is not one of those companies, though, as the women’s clothing and lingerie company’s marketing folks gave us a glimpse of this year’s “Fantasy Bra” on Instagram earlier today.

Being modeled by the delightful Candice Swanepoel, the Fantasy Bra consists of approximately 4,200 gemstones, and it will be debuted at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on December 10 on CBS. The price tag on such a one-of-a-kind bra? Ten million dollars. So go ahead and add it to your Amazon Wish List and start saving now.