Exclusive Preview: ‘Aquaman #24’

Aquaman has not had an easy time of it in the DCU lately. His brother nearly drowned half the Eastern Seaboard, and then he had to go toe-to-toe with the Dead King, the true ruler of Atlantis, alongside Mera’s husband. How can things get worse? Let’s find out in our exclusive previews of Aquaman #24!

Repairing Aquaman’s reputation has been something of a personal project of Geoff Johns. Aquaman has been one of the stronger superhero books of the New 52, precisely because Johns has wanted to get the character away from his somewhat goofy roots. After all, Aquaman rules 75% of the planet, can go toe-to-toe in a fight with pretty much anyone, and he’s got a bitchin’ trident. And he’s still a joke to some people, largely thanks to the Superfriends.

This latest issue picks up with Arthur waking up six months after issue #23 (conveniently putting him outside the events of Forever Evil), and discovering he’s at the tomb of the Dead King. And there’s something in there he needs to know, about what it really means to be King of the Seven Seas.