Kyle Rayner Discovers He’s A God In Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘Green Lantern: New Guardians’ #35

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10.10.14 2 Comments
It’s not easy being Kyle Rayner in the first place. The sole White Lantern, keeping the universe from exploding is pretty much entirely his day job. But, as usual, Kyle’s being lied to, and it’s about to go wrong for everybody, in our exclusive preview of Green Lantern: New Guardians #35.

This is the next chapter in the GodHead crossover, where the Lanterns and the New Gods square off. The New Gods are looking for the Life Equation, essentially a grand theory of everything, to take down Apokolips and its ruler, Darkseid. Which is a noble goal, but considering the New Gods just showed up and started beating up Lanterns to take their rings, it’s turned into a full-on war.

So where does Kyle fit in? That’s explained in this preview…

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