These Exes Are Brutally Honest With Each Other, And The Results Are Painfully Real

At the end of a relationship, most people are left with a hundred questions that they’ll never get answers to. Where did things go wrong? Did they ever really love you? Are you really as cute as you think you are when you’re drunk (you’re not)? Well, there is a new interactive online film project called “The And” that is bringing exes back together, and having them ask each other questions to get to the bottom of what went wrong with their relationships, all in the name of understanding modern relationships.

“The And” recently partnered with Glamour Magazine’s YouTube channel to post one former couple’s interactions, and the results are pretty harrowing for anyone who has gone through a break up, recently or otherwise.

Ali and Andrew were a couple for seven years, and have been broken up for two. The impetus for their separation was Andrew’s wandering eye, and it’s clear that Ali is still really hurt by what transpired between them. However, as the questioning continues, it becomes more and more obvious that no one gets out of relationships unscathed, and that Andrew still bears the scars that their breakup left. After some tears and awkward bouts of silence, the two appear to come to a tenuous understanding, and even admit that they miss each other.

Things are left open ended at the end of the videos, so we probably won’t know what happens to these two. Whether or not they get back together (or if they even should), at least they’re now at a place where they can be honest with each other. Most people aren’t given the chance to get this kind of closure, so it really is a gift, albeit an awkward one.

(Via BuzzFeed)