An Extra Just Leaked The Beginning And End Of ‘Batman V Superman’

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is under fairly tight wraps, but it’s a big production, and there’s only so much you can do to plug leaks. And the current rumors are fairly interesting, to say the least. Potential spoilers below!

Let’s start with the beginning of the movie, which is pretty much completely confirmed by what we’ve already heard. According to this extra, the opening of the movie is Batman running through Metropolis, trying to get to Wayne Tower. That would line up with what we’ve seen so far, namely Batfleck rescuing a little girl and the utter destruction of Detroit beyond that inflicted on it by city government. And really, it’s not a surprise; Batman has to want to put spiked boot to Kryptonian ass for this movie to have a plot, and seeing the destruction on the ground would probably do it.

What’s really interesting is what happens at the end of the movie, according to Cinemablend:

…there is a scene featuring Batman breaking into Lexcorp to steal Kryptonite. While rooting around in Lexcorp, it is revealed that the corrupt criminal corporation “had somehow gotten ahold of General Zod’s body.” And gotten ahold of some Kryptonite, as well, which will have to be explained.

It makes a degree of sense; Zod was a walking bomb, so the military probably wanted to hire somebody to make sure that burying him wouldn’t be enormously dangerous. We actually have no idea what dead Kryptonians can do to the environment, long term. Where does all that solar energy they stored go? Do they leak radiation into the soil? Explode? Return from the dead as zombies?

Still, this being Luthor, we doubt he’s up to anything good. In the comics, Luthor tends to try to clone Superman, resulting in Bizarro. Here I suspect instead he’s going to wind up in a robot or something as a plot hook for Man of Steel 2, although a Solomon Grundy-esque foe is a possibility as well.

This isn’t confirmed, so treat it with a grain of salt, but it’s not completely absurd. Now, dueling Aquaman scripts? That’s just crazy.